Saturday, April 12, 2014

Strawberries & Porter Sundae

My mom’s elementary school teacher used to say nothing goes together better than cookies and vanilla schnapps. When I first heard that story, I always thought, yuk and why does my mom know that about her elementary school teacher?! As I have grown up I realized that cooking with beer is a lot of fun. As my love for good beer has grown, I also realized her teacher may have been onto something ... beer is not just for cooking but it can make a very good dessert too.

We had some strawberries that were ready to turn. I quickly convinced myself that they wouldn’t make it until the next morning and I should make a snack with them tonight. Don’t judge me, we’ve all had that inner monologue before! Since the boys of the house are the ones with the sweet teeth, I heard no complaints. I grabbed the strawberries and saw a vanilla porter in the fridge and thought let's give it a whirl. If you have it, a chocolate or vanilla porter works out best!

Strawberries & Porter Sundae
Makes 2

3 sugar or shortbread cookies
2 scoops vanilla or coconut ice cream
¾ diced strawberries
½ c vanilla porter

Soak strawberries in porter for about 30 minutes.

Crush one cookie at the bottom of each dish. Top with a scoop of ice cream and divide the strawberries amongst the two bowls. I didn’t use the porter that strawberries were soaked in so have a sip to get the taste buds in the mood.

Break the third cookie in half for garnish in each bowl. 

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