Friday, May 9, 2014

Pregnancy Prerequisites: Top 10 Must Have's When Pregnant

I'm getting to countdown mode ... 11 weeks to go! This is where I really start to depend on my bag of must-have's! As I think back about the last 29 weeks I began to think about what has been so important to me as the baby and I grow ... what has helped the discomforts as well as helped me prepare for what is to come and here they are!

  1. Good Prenatal Vitamins: Don't just buy the first one that you see on the shelf. You'd be surprised to know how many different prenatals are out there and that they have different ingredients. Many say the most important thing is that your prenatal has 800-1000 millograms. I wasn't able to find one that didn't so I think you're safe there. Find other things that are best for you. I prefer Rainbow Light Prenatals. They are plant based, which I have read is the best way for you to absorb your vitamins.
  2. Carrier Oils: I love carrier oils. Avocado, coconut and hemp have worked best for me. When my belly starts to itch, I rub these on right away. They help with your skins elasticity while it grows. I always apply when I get out of the shower and usually before bed too. Oils penetrate your skin a little better than lotions do. Lotions will tend to sit more on your surface. When I am facing the thought of stretch marks ... I want my stuff to work! I don't like to stick with just one kind either. Like anything your body gets used to things so I change up the oil so my skin always stays refreshed! 
  3. Quick Snacks: My first pregnancy I snacked a lot which of course, we need to do. I would grab whatever was quick that I could find. The last two pregnancies I have wised up a little. I make sure I always have some saltines and fresh fruit in a close proximity for those quick cravings. Even though I want to constantly through cheese or dip on them (which I occasionally still do) I resist and I'm always satisfied and baby is too.
  4. Maxi Skirts: Wow, I cannot say enough about maxi skirts! The idea of buying a pregnancy wardrobe makes me ill ... that stuff is so expensive! I do have a few pieces but I live in maxi skirts. They are great when you first start to show all the way through your biggest and then again as you get your body back to normal (whatever normal is!). They are usually fairly cheap and come in all sorts of colors and patterns. Plus, if you need a little extra length, you don't have to roll the top down. In winter, I will even wear a pair of leggings underneath or some knee-high socks for extra warmth.
  5. A Good Water Bottle: You can't have enough water. Sometimes I am on the go so much, as I'm sure you are, that I am craving water. I make sure now that I have a large water bottle that I carry with me wherever I go. It can be big and annoying when it's all full but it's always worth it. REI has them in about any color and size you could want.
  6. Body Pillow: As I grow, so does my need for my body pillow. I sleep with it between my legs to help keep me aligned and pressure off my lower back. If you're a back sleeper, it will also help you stay on your side.
  7. Raspberry Leaf Tea: If you research the benefits to raspberry leaf tea, you will find a lot of them. The one main benefit that keeps me coming back for more is that it will help strengthen and tone the muscles used during labor. When your muscles are strong, they will bounce back faster as well. It allows the uterus to work more efficiently. For me, that's enough said ... pour me a cup! Some don't love the earthy flavor. If you are one of those, add some fresh fruit or mint for added flavor. 
  8. Footless Compression Tights: This time around I was blessed with varicose veins. I'm going to say blessed because I need to find a way to stay positive about these unsightly and painful spots! Even though most insurance companies will cover your cost for a pair, if you want to wear them all the time you are going to want more than one pair. I found Footless Compression Tights by Preggers and I'm in love. Even the thought of wearing full blown tights for a few months made me claustrophobic! They are about $30 and come in 10 different colors. I have actually had complements on them and we have a good laugh when I tell them that they are compression tights!
  9. Comfortable Bras: The need of a good bra is so important. As you begin to grow and shrink and grow and shrink, the last thing you want to do is buy a $30-$40 bra for every size. I love Coobie Bras because they are comfortable, they move with you and they are good for pregnancy as well as when you're nursing. 
  10. Belly Bands: Sometimes you get stuck in between your regular cloths and maternity clothes and nothing quite fits -- it's either too tight or too big. The genius, called belly bands, are the perfect answer! They help me to wear my regular pants a little bit longer and still be comfortable. When my shirts start getting too short but I still want to wear them, the belly band gives me the extra length I need. You can get these just about anywhere now and you should!
  11. I hope you find comfort in some of these great products as well!

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