Thursday, June 12, 2014

Decorate Your Fireplace in Summer

In the early spring, we threw an engagement party for Paul's brother and our new sister-in-law. We have a wood burning stove and I knew that since it was getting a little warmer outside, if we had a fire we would roast in the house with the extra people. I love the feeling of having a fire when we have a party ... it's such a great mood setter that just can't be matched!

What we decided to do was clean out the fireplace and set up a bunch of candles so that we could still get that feeling of a fire. Not only did I love having a 'fire' going, but we got a ton of compliments too! Now that it's officially warm outside, I cleaned it out again and set it up to use for the whole summer.

Last night was a cool and rainy night. We lit the candles and I was so relaxed. ... having all the candles lit, listening to some good music and playing with the kids on the floor in the living room before bed, it was a great summer's night.

You don't necessarily have to do candles though. A few other ideas that you could do is to set up your fireplace with plants, a large mirror or even use it as a bookshelf! Whatever you decide to do, don't let your fireplace just sit there for the next few months but give it a little love and it will love you back!

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