Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Homemade Natural Pest Control

My garden is going great ... I hope you are having the same luck! However, lately a have been getting some bites on the leaves of basil, kale and strawberries. This happens every year and it's finally time for me to do something about them.

When spraying the food that my family and I will clip and bring in the house to clean as well as grab straight out of the garden to eat, it goes without saying that I am not going to spray them with anything that I won't put directly in our mouths because that is precisely where it is going! There's a lot of 'safe' sprays out there, but call me crazy, I just don't trust them. I need to make it myself so I know just what is in it! After a lot of research, I found TerraShield™ Repellent Blend. It's a blend of essential oils including lemon eucalyptus, citronella, lemongrass and 12 other therapuetic-grade essential oils that are blended with  a little coconut oil. It was worth a try so I bought a bottle on Amazon for about $10.

I'm not crazy, but I wasn't going to go straight into spraying my food. I first tested it out a few other ways. I had some hostas that were being munched on as well as a spot by my back patio door that ants were coming in. I sprayed them both and waited a few days to see what would happen. To my surprise, I had no ants coming in the house and the hostas were looking good ... well, they weren't worse! So, I decided to go onto Step 2. When we were outside in my mosquito infested backyard, I sprayed my arms and legs and again I was pleasantly surprised to come in bite-free. I trusted my spray and it was time to spritz around the garden.

I still use my Natural Bug & Mosquito Repellent, but if I already for this bottle outside, I use it on us and the plants. 

Natural Pest Control

Homemade Natural Pest Control

8 oz distilled water
30 drops TerraShield™ Repellent Blend
1/2 t liquid castille soap

Mix all ingredients in a spray bottle and start using! Shake it up before using. 

It is best to use glass containers when using essential oils because the oils can warp and alter plastic bottles.

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