Wednesday, September 17, 2014

How to Freeze Kale, Spinach and Other Hearty Greens

Our kale plants are doing great right now, I can't keep up with the harvest! On top of that, we will get more kale every now and again from our CSA. This is a great problem to have! I've been substituting kale for spinach in almost all of my recipes, and as usual, kale is a staple in almost every juice we make.

As I begin the think about the winter months and the fresh produce that we don't have from our backyard I realized I need to make process my kale now so that we can use it longer. Since we juice our kale all the time, why not juice it now to freeze and use it when our garden is covered in snow. This lightbulb moment is keeping me warm as I shiver thinking about snow!

I quickly realized that I should be doing this with all of my hearty greens that I have excess of. I think I need a chest freezer!

I'm excited to try out my Green Machine Brownies and other baking recipes this winter using my frozen kale cubes too! They don't have to be used for just juice.

How to Freeze Kale, Spinach and Other Hearty Greens

How to Freeze Your Greens

  • For Juice: Simply blend kale with water or aloe vera juice ... enough for your blender to be able to liquify the kale. Then, pour into 1 ounce freezer trays and freeze. When frozen, put kale cubes into freezer bags for storage.
  • For Cooking
    • Boil water in a large pot.
    • Tear washed greens into usable pieces. 
    • Boil for 5 minutes and drain.
    • Rinse with ice cold water to stop the cooking process. 
    • Squeeze out all extra liquid from your greens.
    • Pack in freezer bags for storage. It's best to measure first so you know what you have in the bag. I am putting two cups of greens per bag because that's a good amount for my families needs.

    How to Freeze Kale, Spinach and Other Hearty Greens

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