Monday, September 8, 2014

Slow Cooker Lentil and Quinoa Tacos

When having large parties, I want all the food to be done and taken care of so I don't have to worry about a thing when people are here. Nothing is worse then doing a million dishes when I want to be relaxing with my guests. Last weekend, it was Simon's baptism. We did it on Saturday night which makes it fun to have a little dinner celebration afterwards, however, we weren't going to get back from mass until almost 6. By that time, the kids were going to be really hungry.

I decided to do a taco bar because I could have everything done, cut and in bowls or crock-pots when we got back ... simply open the fridge, take the lids off the bowls and serve. I never made a crock-pot taco 'meat' before and I didn't want to chance it on a night when I was serving 30 people and it wouldn't be done in time. Luckily, we had a party a few weeks back for me to test a recipe on.

Slow Cooker Lentil and Quinoa Tacos went over great at both parties. I served them with flour tortillas and as well as tortilla chips, corn salsa, spanish rice, black olives, chopped kale and cheese.

The taco 'meat' froze very well too, so make a double batch and have it ready for next time! This is perfect football party food. Does it get any easier?!?

Slow Cooker Lentil and Quinoa Tacos

Slow Cooker Lentil and Quinoa Tacos

Makes 6 cups

1 c lentils
1/2 c quinoa
1/2 onion, chopped
4 cloves garlic, minced
2 T tomato paste
1 t chili powder
1 t cumin
1 t paprika
1 t oregano
1 t coriander
1 t salt
3/4 t pepper
4 c water

Put all ingredients into a crock-pot (use at least a 1.5 quart slow cooker). Cook on low-medium heat for 6 hours. Mix it up a couple times if you are available.

Serve with the toppings of your choice.

Slow Cooker Lentil and Quinoa Tacos

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