Join a CSA

Connect with your food: the land that it comes from and the people that grow it.

Regardless of where you live, there are farms big and small -- even though you may have to look a bit harder in some places. To ensure a better future, we need to keep a focus on what it means to support local farms, buying healthier and having fresh produce. A Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a group of people who pledge to support a farm and in turn get a ‘share’ of the farm. This group will pay the farm at the beginning of the season by signing up for a share of the harvest. This allows the farmer to better plan and market their season. Most CSA farms offer numerous types of shares to fit different household’s needs ranging in different sizes and the amount of shares a household receives during the season. Different farms also have different types items that they harvest: veggies, herbs, honey, eggs and meat. The varieties are endless!

Last year, I had the opportunity to be a worker share at my CSA, LOTFOTL. Instead of paying for my share, I was able to work it off. This helps the farm keep costs down and also taught me a great deal about farming and produce, benefiting my garden at home! Due to my son Simon's arrival this summer, I won’t be able to work this year but I’m looking forward to being back on the farm next year.

There are amazing advantages to joining a CSA
-        Eat the freshest foods that have their full vitamins and minerals still intact.
-        Fun surprises! Every week you have a new crop of vegetables to cook with. If you don’t know what the vegetables are or how to cook them, keep in mind, this is an advantage. You get to learn and try new vegetables!
-        Build a relationship with your farmer. Learn from the expert! Many farms have open houses to tour the farm as well as different get-togethers throughout the season.
-        Local food supports local families. This has a simple yet very complex impact. You are helping preserve open space for farms in your area.

Find a CSA near you at You’ll be surprised at all the options you have right in your own backyard!

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